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FFB Project Cars 2

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FFB Project Cars 2

Message par Copyrate le Ven 13 Oct - 17:06

Le talentueux Jack Spade nous a encore concocté un FFB aux petits oignons pour Project cars2

In pCARS 2 individual car tweaker files are no more, so these are global files, one for all cars. The files contain certain wheel specifics
like deadzone removal and anti drag and should be set accordingly to type of wheel.

How to use?
1. Unpack/copy all files into "My Documents/Project CARS 2" folder.
2. Delete the SMS default "ffb_custom_settings" file. (Note, the game automatically creates a new file if none is detected at game start)
3. Activate - relable your selected one to "ffb_custom_settings".
4. Start the game and select Custom on the FFB flavor menu.

This posting contents 8 different custom files which are based on RAW at 2 stages of game/FFB development.

Standard files - with artificial (canned) road noise, moderate bumps/kerbs/grass response (severely more than the SMS 4 custom preset)
Alternative files - no artificial road noise, more bumps/kerbs/grass response

An important feature of these files are the Compressor settings and the old PC1 Relative Gain stuff, which better balances the forces
at all turning angles and driving scenarios and to a certain extent the different types of cars. FFB basically is free of clipping.
In PC2 now the compressor works just like the ones in the audio world, severely improves the old Soft Clip.

Tonight's the Night


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Re: FFB Project Cars 2

Message par Unita le Dim 15 Oct - 20:08


Trop de la balle le FFB de Jackspade pour Pcars2... franchement il déboite...

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